231: Cause of seeking refuge under Rinpoche

A few years ago while I was still a Training Manager in a professional hair care company, I had frequent contacts with designers of beauty salons. One day, a designer who was a very good friend of mine told me something in secret: there’s a female ghost in your office on 3rd Floor who died on the spot but meant no harm. She was concerned about something and need your help. I immediately recalled the incident that happened 3 years ago. I once introduced a soon-to-retire flight attendant instructor, Ms. Hsing, to join the company. My company was holding a seminar promoting diversification of faculty in training department and invited owners of beauty salons the seminar. In less than 10 minutes after Ms. Hsing started her lecture, she suddenly passed out on stage and was brought to hospital by ambulance. She passed away in the Emergency Room after hour long resuscitation.

Right after hearing the words of the designer, I called my mother. She has taken refuge under Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche. My mother arranged an appointment to visit Rinpoche for me. Simply by asking about the deceased’s name and age, Rinpoche told me what happened: “Ms. Hsing went fishing on the sea with friends, though she never did pick up any fish, she was there watching. She was still worried about her senile parents. She was filial to her parents, especially to her mother.” Rinpoche told me that Ms. Hsing followed me to the door but could not enter. Rinpoche asked me to register for Chod puja to help her.

After attending Chod puja, although Rinpoche mentioned about Ms. Hsing’s outfit on the day she died, I did not feel anything and still asked the psychic salon designer whether Ms. Hsing was following me again. His reply was negative and I was quite relieved to hear that. After that, I did not attend teachings as I was very much occupied by my work.

On 21 Nov 2003, my mother-in-law was suddenly shot to death in the States that resulted in my seeking refuge under Rinpoche. My mother-in-law and I were on very good terms. I was so sad that I could not do anything when I first learned the bad news. My mom was with my brother in the States, but when I called her about this, she immediately called back to Taiwan and asked her friends in Taiwan to seek Rinpoche’s help for me. When my husband and I knelt down before Rinpoche, Rinpoche was very compassionate and asked about my mother-in-law’s name and age. Rinpoche told us that she was shot for at least 3 times. When the tragedy happened, we only knew that she was shot. Later, when my husband went to the States we learned that the murderer fired 4 shots to my mother-in-law but 1 shot was fired to the wall. Rinpoche instructed us that my mother-in-law and the murderer had engaged bad karma in their previous lives and asked us to register the murderer’s name to the deceased name list of Chod puja. My husband followed Rinpoche’s instruction and Rinpoche gave him a blessed pill, as my husband needed to go back to the States to take care of the arrangements of funeral. When my husband met his mother, he put the blessed pill in her mouth. Rinpoche also instructed my husband to attend Friday’s Chod puja, which happened to be the 1st seven days after my mother-in-law’s death.

After visiting Rinpoche, it was as if my heart was guided that I felt safe and secure. The arrangements of my mother-in-law’s funeral went well and even her house was sold out quickly. We had informed the buyer about the homicide occurred in that house but the buyer did not mind. Even more, all the friends hardly sensed that we’re in mourning had we not told them about it. Later I learned from Rinpoche’s instruction that if the deceased were transferred to Buddhist Pureland, their relatives would only remember them but not feeling sad…

I always manage to attend teachings and to listen to Rinpoche’s instruction recording when available. In recent years, I am deeply impressed by Rinpoche’s dharma teaching and his teaching us to adopt Buddhism in our daily life, such as: “Be grateful to your enemy, as they’ve given you a chance to practice endurance”; “Learn to accept”. All practices had ripened great benefit when I interact with people.

Updated on April 3, 2008