024: Prostrating to Guru, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas

In August 1999, one of my best friends, accompanied by her five graduate school classmates, was involved in car accident in the US. Their car fell into a valley and two people were killed on the spot, my best friend and another classmate. Around that time, I just arrived at England to start my graduate studies. I talked about this unexpected event to my classmate who lived opposite me. She told me that Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche of Glorious Jewel Buddhist Center was expert on transferring the consciousness of the deceased. She had once asked Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche to transfer the consciousness of her grandfather and with the proper causes and conditions she was able to attend the Chod puja conducted by Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche. She mentioned that on the evening of the puja, while Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche was conducting Dharma, her grandfather brought more than 200 ghosts to obtain transference by Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche. The reason was that her grandfather had served as a temple’s abbot during his lifetime and had many believers, all of whom continued to follow him even after their death. Hearing this story, I hoped that the consciousness of my best friend could also be transferred. However, since I was far away abroad, even though I got the phone number of the Glorious Jewel Jewellery Company, I took no further action but put the whole thing aside for awhile.

After receiving my graduate degree, I returned to Taiwan. In 2002, I had a chance to travel to Tibet and was able to personally see the culture of Tibet, as well as Tibetan Buddhism for the first time. Coming back to Taiwan from Tibet, I found and read the book “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying”. After reading the book, an eagerness spontaneously arose in my mind, a hope that I could encounter my root guru as soon as possible. I prayed to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to ripen the conditions for me, so I could meet a virtuous guru who would guide me in obtaining liberation from the suffering of reincarnation in the six realms. In May 2003, I met Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche and attended a puja through a chance introduction by a Dharma Brother of Glorious Jewel Buddhist Center. My best friend, who had died in the car accident got help, and her soul was released finally. During that period, I was still looking for a teacher and although I had heard about many beings liberated by Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche, I still had not made a decision. It was not until I attended the Vajrapani Empowerment Puja organized by the Glorious Jewel Buddhist Center in September 2003, and the puja of oral transmission in October, that I made up my mind to take refuge. At that time my life was a big mess— both my state of mind and my daily life. My health insurance card was listed as grade E. Before I took refuge, the compassionate Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche told me to listen to the audio recording of “The Repentant Heart”, “The Mercy and Compassion Heart”, and “Bodhichitta”. Every time I listened to the audio recording, tears covered my face. I fell immense gratitude to Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche for painstakingly conducting Dharma to benefit sentient beings, helping us who have accumulated heavy negative karma in life after life, helping us to apply Buddha Dharma into our daily life and to correct our wrong behaviors and evil habits family;All this in hope that all sentient beings can obtain liberation from the ocean of suffering of reincarnation. Since taking refuge, I have never been absent at any puja held by the Glorious Jewel Buddhist Center. Therefore, my state of heath began turn for the better, while my spiritual life, as well as my family life, has also improved a lot.

Because now I serve as a teacher in a senior high school, my students have had the chance and conditions to get to know Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche. More than 30 students have been brought by me to request an audience with Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche. These students had all kinds of problems: academic pressure, confusion about making friends, family problems, unwillingness to go to school, cruelty to animals, facing their pet’s death, etc. Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche, one by one, patiently enlightened them. He used various methods, depending on the student, from scolding them, giving lectures, blessing, or letting the student attend puja. In doing this, Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche used up a lot of energy. I usually felt ashamed listening to Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche’s teachings because I knew that I had not practiced to the point that my students could receive advice or teachings directly from me; hence, I had to bother Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche. Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche, however, treated those students as his own sons. According to the different capacity of each being, Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche aided and protected them with care. I was deeply moved and grateful. Some students benefited so greatly that they decided not to drop out from school, but continue their academic study instead; some found they could concentrate better on their studies; some came to understand the moral principles of a human being. What’s more, these meetings helped the students to sow the virtuous seeds for meeting the Buddha Dharma in the future.

One of the students, Ms. Lee, deserves to be mentioned. In her first year of senior high school, her mother had a cancer. I continually hoped that her mother could obtain help from Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche. In 2003, during the period of SARS in Taiwan, my guru Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche in order to help sentient beings oppose SARS, made an especially great offering and obtained an extremely secret mantra that had never been transmitted out of Tibet. Afterwards, Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche bestowed the blessed water on us disciples and advised that we give it to people around us as much as possible. When the student asked me for the blessed water, I asked her if she wanted to ask Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche to let her attend pujas on behalf of her mother. She immediately answered yes and then got her parents’ approval at home. Before seeing Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche, she was afraid that she, only 16-years-old, was going to face a life without her mother. When she met Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche, Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche asked her compassionately: “What disease does your mother have?” She answered: “Nasopharyngeal Cancer.” “What?” asked by Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche. I repeated the student’s words again, assuming that she might have spoken in too low of a voice. However, Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche paid no attention to me, but asked: “Does your father know that you come here to see me?” She nodded. Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche continued: “I can not save your mother’s life, but I can promise that she will not fall into the three evil realms. You can attend each puja, but only with the approval of your father.” The countenance of Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche was like that of an elder family member caring for his own child. After we left the Glorious Jewel Jewelry Company, the student asked that I do her a favor and call her father to tell him what Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche had said. It was a complete surprise to both her and I when her father responded mildly: “I know. I agree to let my daughter attend puja.”

A few days later, the student told me that her father had not told her that the disease her mother suffered from was in fact a rare disease called Rhabdomyosarcoma. Because he was concerned that she might be overly worried, her father just told her it was Nasopharyngeal Cancer. Nevertheless, the true words and great power of the blessings of Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche let the student’s family accept the truth and get mentally prepared to manage it.

Afterwards, this student attended each and every puja almost without an absence. She also attended the Great Indiscriminated Amitabha’s Puja for Transferring Consciousness with over 10,000 attendees in Taipei Arena in August, 2008. She obtained some nectar pills distributed in the puja. Not long after the great puja, I got a message from her saying: “The doctor said my mother will not live more than 24 hours.” I called her immediately and wanted to hurry to the hospital to give her the nectar pills. In 20 minutes I got another message informing me that her mother had passed away. I asked the student if she put the nectar pills into her mother’s mouth. “Yes” she said, “This is the last thing I can do for my mom.” The student and I met a couple of days later. you could not tell from her expression that her mother just passed away. She appeared to be not sorrowful or worried, but only slightly nostalgic of the memory of her mother, for she knew that her mother had already gone to a good place.

My heath and my job have benefited a lot due to the help of Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche. Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche teaches by personal example, as well as verbal instruction, letting me deeply experience how a great practitioner treats all sentient beings with a merciful and compassionate heart, as well as with a heart of wisdom. To express my immense gratitude, I sincerely prostrate to Guru, Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas with my most dedicated and reverent heart.

Xie Wei

Updated on November 25, 2009