His Eminence Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche’s Puja Teachings – June 20, 2021

His Eminence Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche presided over the auspicious Chod Puja, and bestowed precious Dharma teachings at the Glorious Jewel Buddhist Center in Taipei. As our country has imposed a Level 3 COVID-19 alert nationwide, Rinpoche instructed the Center’s Board of Directors to strictly follow the regulations set by the government, with no more than five people gathering indoors and keeping a safe social distance. Furthermore, through video conferences, sentient beings can continuously receive blessings of the Dharma, staying far away from their unease and suffering.

Rinpoche then started to perform the Dharma to liberate the suffering deceased. While in a meditative state of Mahamudra, he performed the auspicious Chod. With ultimate bodhicitta, Rinpoche visualized making offerings of all his flesh, blood, and bones, without reservation, to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and as charity given to all sentient beings in the Six Realms. The guru also chanted the Great Six-Syllable Mantra for a long time, and his compassionate Dharma voice resonated throughout the ten directions of the Dharma Realm.

Upon its perfect completion, Rinpoche bestowed teachings.

“Today I would like to talk about the pandemic. As I told you last year that as long as humans eat meat and engage in killing, the virus will always exist with humans on Earth and will not disappear. Last year we chanted the Parnashavari mantras for twenty-four hours, so it was safe in Taiwan the whole year last year. Sentient beings, however, are still engaging in killing; therefore, this year the virus starts over again, turning everyone’s life upside down so that we know how serious it is and feel afraid and terrified. The virus has been mutating and getting more infectious. Scientifically speaking, it is difficult to explain why the virus mutates. According to physiology and modern medicine, the virus does not have a brain. Besides, its genes are very simple. So why does it keep mutating? From the aspect of Buddhism, the resentment, hatred, and spirit of different animals are within the virus.

You may ask why I do not perform another Parnashavari Puja? As I have said, I will only save you once, not twice or more. As disciples of the Glorious Jewel Buddhist Center, you should try your best to encourage your relatives and friends to eat vegetarian. Doing so is not because of Buddhism, not for learning Buddhism, not for cause and effect, and not even for living a comfortable life. Instead, it is for this land, for all human beings and animal beings worldwide, not to be involved in negative karma.

Do not think that with Rinpoche’s blessings, the disciples will be alright and this is good enough. Nor do you think that nothing will happen by hiding at home. Likewise, nor can you practice on your own at home. As I have said, even if you live a comfortable life, but the others in society don’t, your life will not be good, either. Also, there will be many inconveniences in your life. Logically, with more than a thousand disciples in such a big Center, if everyone practices Buddhism and chants mantras attentively, the situation would be different. I dare not say that you are lazy, but you all have many excuses, saying that you are too busy to do it. I once proposed a nationwide ban on slaughter that will be no killing for three days; however, it is also difficult to be accepted by everyone.

You all need to be careful. Do not think that after the pandemic, you can get together with your meat-eating relatives and friends. Meat-eaters will have a much higher chance of being infected with this disease. The genes in their body are very similar to those of the virus, so that the virus will enter the body of meat-eaters first. You should all do your best to spread the Parnashavari mantras that I chanted for everyone to listen to. If more people hear this mantra-chanting, the disease’s energy will decrease, and therefore, this place will be beneficial. Whether people believe such a thing or not, you should spread the mantra-chanting out as broadly as possible. The disease will slowly decrease as long as they have a little faith in Parnashavari after hearing the mantra-chanting. If people, however, continue to take life by eating meat, the pandemic will remain entangled.”

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Updated on August 30, 2021